Political Science Jobs for PhD or Doctoral Degree

Political science is a field that usually involves the study of the government. Specifically, political science digs into details of government policies, systems, behavior and the processes. Political science can be regarded as an important part of the society in view of the increasing political risk of the world.

A career in political science is challenging and it is usually categorized into several different sub fields such as research, politician, public relations and academic. There are plenty of job opportunities for those with a PhD or doctoral degree. The candidate with a PhD in political science is often rewarded with the highest paying position.

For those who intend to get into the academic aspect of political science, a PhD is highly recommended especially if you plan to teach at a university or conduct research on a specific topic related to the political landscape of a country. The following paragraphs list out some best paying political science jobs for doctoral or PhD holders.

Political Science Professor

In general, a political science PhD holder will often teach as a professor at an institution of higher learning such as a university or college. The minimum requirement to teach a 2 year academic institution is a master degree whereas a doctoral degree is the minimum requirement to teach at a four year institution.

The jobs responsibility of a political science professor is to conduct classes, do research on specific topics and overseas the academic aspect of his or her students in the field of political science. A political science professor will spend most of his or her time teaching undergraduate and graduate students within various political science sub fields.

Other than teaching, a political science professor is required to serve as the academic advisor for students for matters related to courses, research, grades and other various questions. Moreover, a senior or associate political science professor will serve on academic committee for the university or college that he or she is working at.

The average annual salary for a political science professor is $60,000, with the highest paid position making more than $100,000 per year.

Political Analyst

A political analyst is one of the most sought after positions in the field of political science. The reason is that the job is considered the country’s best paid positions, averaging $77,000 in annual salary. Despite the high paying salary as a political analyst, the jobs responsibility is the most challenging and difficult.

A political analyst is required to gather and understand information related to government policies. After collecting the information pertaining to a specific policy, a political analyst will have to interpret the data and present the findings to the public. The issues that the public is most concerned with are those related to health care, education, employment, environmental protection, crime prevention and other general social issues. As a result, a political analyst will usually work on government policies affecting these issues the most.

Institutions such as government bodies, political parties, labor organization and environmental groups are the common employers of political analysts. Even though it’s common to see political analysts working for these organizations, the federal government is usually the biggest employer of political analysts.

In terms of academic requirement, a master degree is the basic requirement in order to be hired as political analysts. A PhD or doctoral degree is highly recommended and is necessary for political analyst who conducts independent research. The average salary for those working for the federal government is $114,000 whereas the average annual salary is $77,000 for those who work for other organizations.

Political Scientists

Political scientists are the top paying political science jobs, averaging around $100,000 per year. The highest paying position in the field can earn up to $150,000 per year. The main responsibility of a political scientist is to conduct research on government policies, public opinions, government structures and functions. The work nature of a political scientist is very similar to the work nature of a political analyst except that the political scientist is mainly focusing on independent research instead of collecting and gathering information as what most political analysts do.

Besides doing research, political scientists also conduct interview with government officials and perform public surveys or opinion polls. When the political scientists are doing such public surveys, they will usually cooperate with other professionals such as economists to discuss the outcome of the surveys. If the results show that there are pressing issues that are affecting the society due to a skew government policy, these political scientists will discuss the findings with their counterparts in order to come up with a solution to address the issue.

Most political scientists will publish papers and write journals regarding their work. They will present their findings to the public like what a political analyst does. The job of being a political scientist usually requires a PhD or doctoral degree in order to conduct research. But the position of an assistant political scientist requires only a Bachelor or Master degree in order to do the work.

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