Entry Level Political Science Jobs

Entry Level Political Science Jobs – As we enter the spring, many college and graduate students will soon be seeking entry level political science jobs. Despite the less than stellar state of the economy, the future looks bright for the political science major. This is because there are both government and private sector jobs available in various related subfields. Whether a graduate wants to become a government officer, a teacher, political analyst, scientist, or campaign manager, the jobs are waiting.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) seems to always be hiring these days, due to the increasing amount of political unrest in the world. Many students seek entry level political science jobs with this agency because they want to study government policy and its affect on the U.S. A CIA officer may be stationed in the U.S. or on foreign soil and the starting salary of this important position is $50,000.

Along these lines is a position as a foreign service officer within the U.S. or abroad. When these individuals are not domestically based, they often work in U.S. embassies as representatives or delegates to our country. In this role, they work with the local government and make recommendations based on analysis of world issues and government policies. For this, they command a starting salary of $48,000 annually. These types of careers in political science expose an individual to politics on a global level.

Working as a political campaign manager is one of the most difficult and time-consuming domestic entry level political science jobs. It is also one of the hardest jobs to get when first entering this career field because it requires knowledge, organization skills, and strategic thinking abilities that many students have not fully developed straight out of school. If an individual does manage to land this job, a salary of $50,000 to $70,000 is common.

Students pursuing graduate studies often do so with the intention of obtaining entry level political science jobs as professors. Those graduating with a master’s degree can find political science job opportunities teaching at community and junior colleges. Ph.D. students can teach at four-year colleges or universities upon receipt of their degree. Professors instruct students, serve as advisors, conduct research, and participate in academic committees, receiving an average salary of $60,000 per year.

Other entry level political science jobs for graduate students include political analyst and political scientist. The analyst is one of the most popular positions, partly due to its average annual salary of $77,000 in the private sector and $114,000 in the federal government. Analysts collect and interpret data regarding government policies, presenting findings to the public. Political scientists earn $100,000 to $150,000 annually for conducting independent research on relevant topics.

This is just a small sampling of the entry level political science jobs that new graduates can expect to see available in the coming months. Those interested in working for the government should explore careers as a CIA or foreign service officer. Others may find working as a political campaign manager a rewarding profession. Graduate students can find work as professors, political analysts, and political scientists.

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