Canadian Political Prisoner Mark Marek

Canadian Political Prisoner Mark Marek – Mark Marek is a prominent Canadian blogger and human rights activist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His disclosures published on reality news website Best Gore exposed police lies and abuses of power, corrupt politicians enslaving people in injustice at the bidding of bankers, multinational corporations and the international lobbying groups and unconstitutional governments profiteering from endless wars.


The Diva Politica


Mark Marek’s exposures played a pivotal role in “Global Political Awakening” and motivated populist resistance that dramatically decreased the capacity of world powers to continue imposing control over the masses. His exposures stalled the planned war with Syria and resulted in a number of corrupt officials being fired or investigated.

As a witness to systemic violations of law perpetrated by people with power on innocent civilians, Mark Marek felt obliged to act on his moral duty and blew the whistle on the abusers. Videos obtained from his confidential sources frequently challenged the official version of the story, resulting in mounting pressure from the members of the public and with it, the proposals of new laws and policies that shook the positions of many an established authority.

As a result of exposing these violations, Mark Marek has faced a severe and sustained campaign of persecution, character assassination, arbitrary imprisonment and prior restraint – the most tyrannical form of censorship resorted to only by the pettiest of dictators and police states.

Even though far from an idealist, Mark Marek is still a person with ideals. As a prisoner of conscience, he can not do the things he likes, nor be with the people he loves, but even though they took away his words, they can never take away his thoughts.

Mark Marek was silenced, but his legacy lives on.

He believed in the right of the public to be informed and did not hesitate to sacrifice his life and well-being for this right.

It is within this context that we the people, who owe our awareness to Mark Marek’s belief that things worth fighting for are worth dying for, hereby pledge our support for the public’s right to information and the fight against tyrannical censorship.

We can no longer swim against the unrelenting tide of time. The era of disinterest and indifference is ending. The system of unaccountable and pervasive surveillance and criminalization of political speech is as unsustainable as it is unlawful.

We call upon the free peoples of the world to denounce political persecution of Mark Marek, to support freedom of expression on the internet and the right of each individual to receive and impart ideas and information by any means and regardless of frontiers.

Speaking the truth is not a crime!

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