Apartments in Silver Spring MD for Senior Living

This may sound crazy to most but I’m thinking of moving across the country to the Washington, DC area. What’s so crazy about that you might ask? Well, I’m 68 years old and want to explore Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. They are so rich with our country’s history. I opted to settle just a bit outside of DC in Silver Spring, MD. I’m looking for recommendations for apartments in Silver Spring MD. A senior community would probably be best suited for me. My tolerance for mischievous children has severely decreased.

I think I’ll have my things packed up here in California by a moving company and arrange for them to arrive in Silver Spring two weeks after I do. I’m going to make my trek across our fine country an adventure by taking a scenic train route. Once I arrive in MD, I will stay in a hotel until I secure my new apartment. Since this will probably be my last home, I’ll be sure to make a very informed decision to ensure my happiness. Nothing would be worse than not being happy with your home.

I did a bit of research on the train and started setting up appointments to visit with a few of the senior friendly apartment complexes. Since that task was finished, I could start researching the different historical sites that I wanted to visit. This kept me very occupied on my long journey. Luckily, I met a middle-aged couple that used to live in Baltimore. They were on their way back east to visit their great uncle, who just so happened to be my age. They were very informative on touring our nation’s capitol. We made plans to have a late lunch with their uncle after we arrived. I had such a lovely time with my new friends and ended up with my own personal tour guide.

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