After Work Fun Near the Apartments

After work, I go to a bar near the Sandy Utah apartments and have a drink with a couple of my friends. We usually have some beers and play a few games of pool before calling it a night and heading to our homes. One night when we were at the bar, a group of people comes over to the pool table and challenges us to a game. We were confident that we would win the game, even in our inebriated state, so we agreed. We easily won the game, and then the group challenged us to another game, but this time for money.

In the back of my mind, I felt that this group was about to hustle my friends and me, but I felt that I could win again, we agreed to play another game. This time, the group played much better, and they won. I had to give up my hard earned money and went home with empty pockets. My friends and I weren’t about to let that stand, so we practiced some pool on our own time and challenged the group of people to a rematch in a week, this time for double the amount of money that we lost in the other game.

We came back to the bar a week later and the game was underway. People crowded around the pool table to watch us play the game, which was odd, because normally people don’t do that when people play for money in the bar. This time, we were playing much better than in our previous game against the group. It was a close battle, but we were able to win the money back from the group and left victorious. I hope no one else tries to challenge us to a game, because I don’t want to deal with more hustlers.

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